Familienwanderung im frühlingshaften Allgäu mit Schnee auf den Alpengipfeln und grünen saftigen Wiesen im Illertal, Maifeiertag an den Hängen der Hörnerkette.

Nature trail Ofterschwang

Adventure Hike on Nature experience trail from Ofterschwang to Hüttenberg. Fantastic weather in the Allgäu on May 1st, the day of work in germany … of course, I had to use these conditions for a photo tour, public holiday no matter what!

It didn’t take much persuasiveness on my part to convince two friendly families from the Allgäu to take part.

We had chosen the nature experience trail Ofterschwang for this photo session, an easy family hike with a lot of experience potential for the three children. And while there was still a lot of snow up on the mountains, it was already green and blooming at about 800 to 900 m … not much yet, but still juicy and colourful.

Wonderful views of the Illertal and the eastern Allgäuer Alps between Grünten and Trettachspitze garnished the relaxed tour, which was interrupted again and again by the kids’ amusing interludes, to the destination Hüttenberg, where we arrived punctually for the setting up of the maypole.

Of course, this was a perfect chance to take a break and strengthen us at the barbecue and the cake counter … while the boys were especially interested in the hustle and bustle around the maypole.

I already had enough amazing pictures for spring hiking in the box, the way back to Ofterschwang we completed relaxed and without photographing.

Another suggestion: the ice cream parlour in Ofterschwang is a perfect place to finish the tour!

The tour is about 6 km long, there are about 200 hm to be mastered – starting point is the parking at the World Cup Express in Ofterschwang.

Almost all pictures (exception: maypole installation in Hüttenberg) are model-released and therefore available with RF-license via my picture archive.

Here is the link to the series “Nature trail Ofterschwang” in the archive …

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Date: 01.05.2019     Route: Ofterschwang – Hüttenberg

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