Daumen hoch für ein tolles Erlebnis

Canyoning Ostertal-Ravine

Another outdoor activity with friends from Augsburg – this time I had chosen a canyoning tour to the Ostertal-Ravine in the Upper Allgäu – and many of the growing group around our two beach volleyball rounds were participating.

We were guests of Julian and Daniel of “Canyoning erleben” from Blaichach near Sonthofen in the upper Allgäu – they had agreed to do the beginner tour into the ravine of the Ostertal brook with us with the focus on photography.

The main goal was to have a lot of fun within the group and to spend an exciting and variedly day in the beautiful gorge …

For me the challenge was to get many good and actual canyoning pictures for my image archive. My images taken in the beginning 2000s in the canyons around Lake Garda with our Nature Feelings team are too old and qualitatively not up-to-date anymore.

After the clothing and a detailed briefing, it started right away with an abseiling line and combined with a jump session into the waterfall. Under the competent guidance and watchful eye of our two attentive guides, the tour was a great experience for the canyoning beginners. Finally – no matter if young or old – everyone got his money’s worth!  Of course me too … although it already means a certain effort to be on the way in the sparkling wet canyon with DSRL equipment.

After about four hours of hiking, climbing, slipping and jumping in the canyon everyone was wet, including my equipment (but it survived without any problems). And finally we got an invitation to a barbecue at Julian’s base.

It was a lot of fun!

The pictures are model-released and therefore available with a royalty-free license in my picture archive. Here is the link to the series “Canyoning Ostertal-Ravine” in the image agency …

Date: 06.06.2018     Location: Ostertal-Tobel Gunzesried

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