On the way on the Karhorn via ferrata at Arlberg

Once again a photo action in the Austrian Alps near Warth am Arlberg – the Karhorn-Klettersteig was the destination of a tour with a friend and his son.

We had chosen a beautiful day in September, brilliant sunshine and late summer warmth – perfect conditions for our plan to conquer the nearly 2500 m high mountain with via ferrata equipment and to take pictures for my picture agency.

The via ferrata, existing since 2001, is in the first section up to the summit not too difficult, but nevertheless scenically quite spectacular.

Unfortunately we were a bit late and of course the shooting took a lot of time, so that we could only partly do the second, more demanding part – before we had to start the descent to Warth again.

But the action was worthwhile in any case, both from the photographic output and from the experience value of the tour.

The pictures are of course model-released and therefore available with a royalty-free license from my picture agency.

Here’s the link to the pictures in the agency …

Date: 24.09.2017     Location: Karhorn near Warth/Arlberg

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