Reiten im Winter

Ride into the wintry landscape in Allgäu

An ice-cold january morning in the Illertal near Sulzberg in the Allgäu. Bright sunshine and fresh powder snow – perfect for a ride into winter nature …

Hard frozen ground and not too much snow for our purposes – we planned to make a series with emotional and authentic riding pictures – good conditions for cross country riding. 

My three (or 6) protagonists were very motivated and had a lot of fun on this wonderful day. After about two hours the temperatures of -10° C nevertheless took their toll – not on the four-legged horses, but partly on the female riders.

But by this time we already had a lot of stuff in the box and we made our way back to the warmth.

At the end we had experienced an entertaining morning, the riders got a series of beautiful winter pictures with their horses and I had again some new, funny photos for my picture agency.

The pictures are model-released and therefore available with a royalty-free license via my picture archive.

Here’s the link to the pictures in the archive …

Date: 21.01.2017     Location: Sulzberg/Allgäu

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