Toller Ausblick über das Ur-Donautal am Sommerfelsen bei Dollnstein

Shooting Session at Jägersteig near Dollnstein

A shooting in June 2018 to document a hiking tour on the “Jägersteig” near Dollnstein – at a initiative of Altmühltal-Tourismus in Eichstätt.

The Jägersteig is a spectacular and challenging hiking trail on the steep forest ridges of the Ur-Donautal between Dollnstein/Altmühltal and Konstein in the Wellheimer Trockental.

The tour starts at the car parking for hikers about 2 km southwards of Dollnstein – the route is very well marked, you should calculate about 3 hours for the tour (incl. way back in the valley). Of course we were much longer on the way, almost 6 hours!

Actually not planned before, but an absolute attraction and win for the shooting was Manuela’s dog, Askya – she was a bit irritated that she always had to walk back and forward, but enjoyed it a lot – and also gave her best as a model!

It was a successful, humorous shooting with beautiful weather and comfortable temperatures – at the end there was a nice place at the exit of the Jägersteig in the middle of green meadows, which invited to an opulent picnic.

The photos are model released and therefore available with royalty-free license within my picture archive. Here is the link to the series in my archive.

Date: 06.06.2018     Location: Dollnstein/Altmühltal

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