Spectacular lights at the Spring Plärrer

Weather fortune at the Spring Plärrer 2018 in Augsburg – there I had finally the mood and perfect conditions for a few spectacular evening and night shots. The evening light spectacle at Schwaben’s biggest funfair is always a good opportunity for a photographer to take nice pictures …

Finally I even visited it twice – once on Friday (with the obligatory fireworks) and a few days later again … this time with the intention to take some experimental pictures with long time exposures.

The Plärrer visitors should not be recognizable, so that the pictures (even if the logos can be retouched) are also available for RF use.

The results of the two sessions will speak for themselves … impressive colorful pictures, typical funfair! Some of them are available with a royalty-free license (but partly only for editorial use) via my picture archive.

Here is the link to the series in the archive …

Date: 04./06.04.2018     Location: Augsburg

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