In my own 03-2019 - my new website

Welcome to !

After a few weeks offline and a lot of work, my website has been relaunched and updated since 03 March 2019!

Why have I redesigned my website again?

I had a webshop system that didn’t work really well, especially the handling was too complicated for me … and after some things came together at the end of 2018, which I didn’t like, I decided to set everything up again.

The actual homepage I built myself with WordPress and for my picture agency I selected a different agency system which makes my workflow much more comfortable.

Besides a refreshed look, another important innovation on the website is the blog section … I will report about interesting photographic projects in the coming years and point out new photo series in the stock agency.

The blog articles can of course be shared on the common social media platforms – the link buttons are by the way so-called “Shariff”-links, which means: Tracking only takes place after clicking on the link (see i-Button).

The comment function is enabled for most blog articles, I’m looking forward to lively discussions …

The “new” stock agency:

With the new agency software a fast and flexible system for the picture selection and for the purchase of my pictures is to my customers for the order directly at the disposal – quite comparable with the large picture agencies.

To launch, I already have more than 5000 of my pictures online, several thousand are still “on stockpile” with me and will be imported in the near future! In addition I plan of course to extend the stock with new topics and picture projects continuously.

You can find instructions for the handling under the menu item “photo agency”!

If there are initial problems or the handling is not as clear and unambiguous as it is for me – please just let me know, I will be happy to share any information.

So far first of all – I hope, you feel good on my side and recommend them diligently! Thank you very much for that and …

… have fun surfing!

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