Architecture, Real Estate & Interior Photography

… is always an attractive challenge for me!

Architectural photography (and Real Estate & Interior Photography) often is an optical, creative and photo-technical challenge for a photographer – as well for me. Buildings of all kinds, public facilities, real estate, homes, whether indoor or outdoor … always it is essential to put an object in a special light, work out photographically geometric forms, fascinating lines and interesting details or only find the perfect perspective for an attractive overview or complete survey.

An important sector of architectural photography is digital post production – e.g. distortion correction, removal of interfering objects, panorama photography or bracketing/HDR, etc.


Photography orders reliable, inexpensive - Architecture & Real Estate

Already several times I had the opportunity to face up myself to these multiple challenges of architectural photography at various jobs – and each time it was a very interesting task which I enjoyed to take over.

I am always interested to start new projects with engagement and pleasure …