Product & Advertising Photography

In contrast to image photography, where the subject is associations with products or the profile of a brand, product photography on location presents the brand or the product itself in use into focus of a photo series.

Perhaps the current collection or a new product line, the distinctive knowability of an article or the brand logo, essential messages and slogans for new styles, close-ups of eye catchers and typical characteristics, which points out an article from competitive products and characterize it significantly … also new and updated features, materials and designs, photographically worked out USPs or unusual application purposes – all these are demands on photos in the field of product photography for marketing purposes.

Converting the wishes and requirements of a client into impressive images on-location is an attractive challenge for my photographic competence.

Advertising & Product-Photography

In the photo gallery below you can see some product and image pictures from a project with a manufacturer of fine table football games.

In this case, both special product features and the table itself should be represented in an active game and with the emotions of the players.