360° sky views in my photo agency

Since July 2019 I have been photographing seamless 360° sky panoramas with different cloud formations. These are currently mainly used as sky replacements in the equirectangular drones images of multimaps360, the leading provider of interactive drone-panoramic tours in tourism..

I am very lucky that I can create these panoramas very easily and at any time of the day. You might think it is not so difficult to photograph a 360° cloudy sky. But one should keep in mind, that it needs free horizon-view all around – and as few (altitude-)wind as possible to create panoramas without (stitching-)errors.

In addition, well usable, exciting cloud formations or spectacular colour effects in the sky are usually short-lived and require a quick reaction – the equipment should be ready for use at any time!

My cloudy sky panoramas are created with high image quality. The basis for this are real HDR-RAWs with 24 MP per single shot – photographed with the Nikon D750 + 20 mm/1.8 or 12-24/2.8. They are assembled in post-production with PTGui Pro, developed with Adobe Lightroom and finally post-processed in Pano2VR and Adobe Photoshop – and finally output with 20 000 x 5 000 pixels.

The result are perfect, seamless 360° views for use in 3D graphics as sky domes – or for post-processing in many other ways, for example in drone panorama photography.

All sky panoramas are available in my stock agency in three resolutions for instant download and can be viewed interactively in the detail view.

I am happy to offer my 360° cloud-sky panoramas at reasonable prices in my stock agency!

My offer of cloud-sky panoramas will be continuously expanded … so please have a look from time to time!