Am Seebensee

MTB-Pano-Tour - Around the Wetterstein Mountains

A day as painted in October 2017 – with autumnal panoramas from an MTB tour around the Wetterstein massif. Getting up early at 5 o’clock was definitely worth it – so I was at the railway station in Klais shortly after 8 o’clock. My first destination was the Elmauer Alm, a few meters uphill to warm up – it was quite fresh!

The first beautiful panorama motifs followed on the descent towards Schloss Elmau, before the relaxed route continued across Ferchensee and Lautersee to Mittenwald. A few asphalted kilometres on the Leutascher Strasse are necessary before an MTB-friendly trail follows the river Leutasch starting at Burggraben. The impressive rock faces and peaks of the Wetterstein mountains are always in view here – but the valley is too narrow for good panoramas and the mountains too close.

Behind Leutasch a wide valley route with a moderate ascent leads up into the Gaistal and towards Ehrwald/Seebensee, flanked by the summit parade of Hoher Munde and Wetterstein.

The last meters from the Seebenalm up to the idyllic lake in a valley basin are quite steep again – after 70 km and 1500 m you can already feel it.

But you are rewarded princely – Lake Seebensee is simply beautiful!

But unfortunately many tourists also know this, preferring the more comfortable ascent with the Ehrwald Almbahn and only having taken the one hour hike to Seebensee. Thank God I was finally at the top at 16.00 … and the hikers have almost all left – to reach the last mountain railway to the valley!

It was a fantastic photo day with a spectacular finale at Lake Seebensee before I took the Ausserfern Railway from Ehrwald to Garmisch and then back to Ausgburg via Weilheim.

The pictures are available with RF-License via my picture archive – here is the link to the series in the archive …

Date: 14.10.2017     Route: Klais-Ellmau-Leutasch-Ehrwald

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